Institute of Further Education

Institute of Further Education
Institute of Further Education
Samara University

Institute of Further Education


This institute serves as an integrator of the most popular knowledge and technology in the education market, it is one of the leading centers of professional development in the Samara region.
Extended educational programs adapted for the international market, which will be delivered in English

  • Flow models of traffic for network security and communication quality
  • Attitude dynamics and control/stabilization of spacecraft and gyrostat-satellites
  • Design of the liquid rocket engines
  • Processing methods of gas-turbine engine reliability and service life increasing
  • State-of-art interfaces of digital systems
  • Selection of design parameters and optimization trajectory of motion of electric propulsion spacecraft with low thrust
  • Modern methods of analysis of dynamics and control of the space tether systems
  • Quality management tools and methods
  • Methods of structural design with stiffness requirements
  • Modern methods of rocket stability and control evaluation